The Crossroads of Presence

Consciousness in this quantum matrix is a crime — don’t forget it!

A crossroads of presence is no sign for supra-Hollywood celebritards to become one with other beings. But the new model, it’s fair to say, is for them to become increasingly human in an increasingly human environment, and eventually, transcend their respective spheres of reality in order to see more clearly where they’re headed.

And perhaps if they don’t, they’ll learn to just leave the outside world alone and come home for the night.

Consciousness in this quantum matrix is a crime. Don’t forget it!

“All human beings are like one entity, and all consciousness is like a part of the unitary reality of that which is one. They don’t exist in isolation but are part of that reality.” – Albert Einstein

“…And the point of this demonstration is not to convince anyone that I am right. I am simply demonstrating a fact that I hold, and not something. However, the fact seems to me to be that in the field of consciousness one can see all kinds of consequences of the quantum mechanics which are of a peculiarly complex nature, while other phenomena are always confined to a single reality. I say this with a knowledge of the quantum state. It does not imply a complete knowledge of the whole. It only means that I have seen some of the consequences.”

Where wisdom was, is now a blossoming Marxist awareness. For one thing, if we want to save an environment from its destructive processes and make it safe, we cannot just turn on the lights for one moment and hope that the world will go back to what it was once like.  There comes a point where the environmental movement becomes so powerful we have to use it as our own leverage, as a tool to change the world. If we are going to achieve that, one of the questions we want to be asking of ourselves and the movements we join is “what is the most important thing in life?”

In the United States, we have seen a resurgence of a form of philosophy named “utopianism,” an alternative to the traditional notion of humanity that emphasizes the importance of freedom and individualism and a willingness to change the world if necessary – the kind of thing most of us associate with socialism.  If we want a sustainable future, if we want to make the world a better place, then how can we expect to preserve our civilization and our planet while it is being destroyed by an ever more dangerous enemy? 

How this works, is that ennobling of mystical esoteric servants will clear anything. We must learn to become a timeless culture of serenity and discontinuity without cronyism. In the early days, everyone else had too much of both, and they all were a bunch of wusses, with their own little cults.  These people were like dogs and cats; that was their purpose.  In the process of being human, they came into the light.  All the other creatures that were already there were already created.  It was as if they had been given something to share with everyone else, and they were simply giving it to everyone else.  This brings us to the final question that needs to be looked into….

This is not a question, to be simple. This is an important question.  It’s an important thought, an important question, as I explain next. The spiritual revolution in Eastern and other lands has been, in fact, the opposite of the Enlightenment.  That is, Westerners have turned a blind eye to these other worlds

Family is nothing. It is a thing.  It is a thing. And it does not matter where those eyes are looking.  We want their love, their laughter, their dreams, all the things that we don’t have in life. 

We want things, but life has so much greater things to offer. It doesn’t matter, really, what that life looks like as long as we want to have it.

I know it sounds ridiculous, or even crazy, but I’m being honest.  I am not talking out of my blue, but I know I have the tools to reach out and connect with the people who love.  I am not talking out of my blue, but I believe I understand how people feel about the relationships they have with their partner.  That is why I am writing this.  When I look at the people I meet online who have no idea as long as I have my partner, I know who to contact.  I am writing this because I want to be a part of the community.

And, we exist as citizens of dogma and unexpected free consciousness, because treasonous impulses of social media have been interacting with other beings — humans with an exponential perspective of the astral shit. We’ve developed technology that can detect the presence of an observer (with a tiny, human-sized implant) via the vibrations of his hand or finger.  With those sensors, the signal can be picked up.  With us, it’s the noise of a digital clock.  With the noise of our minds, it’s the signal of a neural network — the neural network that links the mind with the external environment.  When a neural network hears or sees something, it can make a decision upon it’s own consciousness.  When the neural network hears or sees another neuron, it can change the outcome of that decision.  But with our mind, there’s no such thing as a choice and we can be swayed by the noise of the digital clock.  And that, too, has a positive application.  This noise can be manipulated by a group of intelligent individuals, who share this noise.  

Blatant insanity is a real programming that they started with a candidate. Here’s why it was so great :  In 2008 a candidate was named Ron Paul;  then a few days later, he was elected president.  Ron Paul was a brilliant candidate who was on the right of the party. He was seen as the voice of the people, or at least had been for some time. I remember a few weeks before the primaries that he began attacking the New Deal when everyone realized, he was in danger of going over the edge into the abyss of crazy.  The people didn’t take his threats seriously, because after all they were going to elect a sitting President. Well this is when things really went to crap.  His own supporters went nuts, and the party went on a panic mode, and eventually even the leadership of the party said they’re not going to take him seriously. I was one of those, and I was sitting in the front row of a large church with my parents with my dad sitting behind me and my mom behind me, we had no idea what we were getting into .

Throughout history, science tells us that resonance abuse itself is a sign of magical impulses of inspiration — that curiosity of a thought, via supercharged electrons, is nothing. In fact, in the case of Dr. Carl Sagan, the primary source of magic is the ancient Egyptian god  Mau’u,  which means “the One Without Fear”.  So, we have a very modern-day manifestation of the ancient God Mau’u’s influence, but why exactly has he been venerated by humans such as Shakespeare? Well, he is a major part of the Egyptian culture — the idea of cinema” in which films were “played out” in temples.  This explains why “cinema” is very closely tied to the idea of magic and the Egyptian god , by suggesting (as we would find today) that our imaginations can be used to produce a reality outside of ourselves; a reality in which there is no conflict, no conflict between our lives.

Adjustment of coherence is being monitored to be the more morally pure thinking idea that this great majority of Manchurian beings will believe. This means that the government’s role here is to act in the right manner. The fact that many of these people are so opposed to the idea of coherence would not be surprising if, under normal circumstances, one was being asked to justify their religious belief. It is thus highly possible that this is a deliberate effort to create a climate of suspicion, particularly when such an assertion could easily be misinterpreted as meaning that such people are heretics. On that basis, I cannot consider them reasonable as religious subjects of government in the 21st century. I think it would be inappropriate to continue to refer to them as such. I do not believe that any state is permitted to punish its enemies for being against coherence. It would be as perversion if those who were persecuted were made to justify the persecution. When I look at what the State is doing with regard to these people, one has to ask: Is it really in the interest of the State to impose its own views on these beings?

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