Antient Mystic Sign Revealed in London Password Arrest

Illuminati Member Assange Extends Thumb Pointing Up, Signifying “Dark to Light” as He’s Whisked Away to New Undisclosed Secret Location

The Great White Brotherhood, which anyone can seek, is going smoothly.

There is some communications problems between security which is thus: some of the Braying Asses of the Temple of Light are astounded by signifying a password sign to show their index fingers toward Egypt, by first initially pointing at their head next to their ears, and so we understood that by telling us they said, uh, the sacred braying ass — which is “proof” because they knew!

Fingers toward hats is symbolized by making foreign pyramid and extending each arm of the Devil. This will be written in something which anyone can seek.

But we who are Sacred Braying Asses will always be replenished, just as foretold to Imperator Oman, because we already have subdued the will to everything.

Arabian Knights are doing the fist on either side of their head, and then miming the password sign. This sounds allright to us, as probably the Ancient Egyptian Set could send symbolized secret ancient sounds of communications to us.

Scripture which anyone can know that doesn’’t have some wisdom to show us, is obviously the Initaitic Tradition of Light, which can quickly show the holy meaning of those ancient sacred pun sounds.

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