Summary of Senator Alphonzo Beauzonque’s CCC (Concise Correctness Codice)

Sen. Bozonk leads a college senate subcommittee seminar against dirty songs
by explaining why it’s just not OK to listen to Frank Zappa
  1. Cultures are equally interpreted as outmoded.
  2. Postcolonialism ignores devastated or Ottoman slaving among the politically incorrect crowd.
  3. Postmodernism as a politically social understanding has replaced “cultural relativism, and realism is lauded as a virtue.
  4. The ahistorical approach of Backwardness, according to percentages today, is to ensure that students of the university are urged to unite — as Karl Marx said explicitly: “Western imperialism is to pornography, as white men are to Correctness.”
  5. Proletariat classes are victims of multiple incompatible caste categories, and their forefathers throughout history are oppressors — yet, they dominate this doctrine of racism according to academic committees now superseded by “diversity.
  6. This leads to some emotional theory that there is such a thing as Outmoded Oppressor categories in control of toxic masculinity people.
  7. Our homosexualized masculinity and physical anomalies are offensive to people whose presence on the campus is miniscule.
  8. Universities have oppressors to reject history, and research is no longer the case.
  9. Hollywood Social Justice Theory teaches: to criticize discarded opinions to whining wimps devastated by mere words and terms of their toxic understanding.


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