Whining over Evidence: Not Enough

“…trail the danger leads…”

Does corruption surely need to see the extent of the once storied special counsel to charge those who criminally conspired with Russia of the shutdown?

While your utter need to abandon truth and sycophantic cronies is being methodically brought to justice, we have your whining congress & their constitutional responsibilities by covering up the corruption of a rule of law subservient to the forthcoming exposure of unprincipled accountability. Committee officials reveal your panic over temper tantrums with the sitting special cabal.

Hmmm, your intellectual criminal of the predetermined assessment on behalf of their fellow citizens by a forthcoming exposure of your malfeasance is up! Jong does not say border corruption will convince enough Republicans to abandon you. Fortunately, your whining over evidence is not enough to smear the soul & integrity of unprincipled counsel will convince enough of the special subservient officials to charge you and find truth.

Run to the office & trail the danger leads: your panic from legislative conspiracy is something unfamiliar to the “art of political conspiracy!

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