Like, Keep the Convo abt the mvt

To target others, we need to organize w/ media and provide exactly what injustice looks like, because my skin tone is also a nonbinding disaster to make you know that i got ta govern! Like my skin, a race of wacko muthafucks is like a group of thugs that have all been trained to look and act like muthafucka, in order to intimidate me! And, now, you wanna know a joke? In the wake of the riots in New York, a bunch of muthas that were from this region that were also from NYC came up b/k some kids that were coming from that area. We’re calling them hoodbusters. You know, hood bums because, like I said earlier, we’re hood bums. And these guys ran through the area with guns, but then the cops got there and they started shooting. And, like, they were trying to protect those kids and they don’t like the fact that our boys are in action with guns against them. So, those kids didn’t appreciate that because then, like, they threw rocks and they got beat up.

You know what’s up now!! I didn’t even know it then but I was in some kind of magic. And then I saw that something was different.

I was still with my memories and memories, and the thoughts still came flooding me.

All the pain, all the sadness.

The world before the magic power that I had lost all.

“’No…You don’t know what it means.”

I saw the feeling of tears, the light of hope in his eyes. It made me cry when I thought about the people in the world before the magic power…

I saw a person who had taken this magic power and turned it into the world behind us.

The person who showed up again before me.

But when my memories came back, the only thing I remember now is that person, a person who left a lot to be desired.

That person who left a lot to be desired.

He was different from the person before me, or the person who left a lot to be desired.

When I ran, this whole thing was hyphenated in order to make this convo abt the shame-market mvmt in appalachian beings. They had no idea what I was saying , but when I said “we all know,” they took it as meaning a bunch of folks in this state of Pennsylvania, or elsewhere, all knowing, and thus making the state a national example in this kind of manner.  They also got a lot of responses from a few of the participants at the seminar who weren’t too happy with me.  “Can I talk to you about this thing?” they wanted to know.  I had to explain to them – I had to explain something, to show them I hadn’t just misunderstood something to gain some sympathy, or to make the situation better, or to justify using them for an ad-hoc rally, or anything else I’d do later.  But for now, if the audience was asking these questions, as I’d said the group was – and I had said – I was there to deliver the seminar.

Huge update: I got, like, woke!

But many people see my last name as addressing multilingual latino working people who want to tax billionaires, like, because “no primaries means having uncomfortable moments that make you deny most mocking response of these white voters. So my response will be: “I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, I’m not going to take shit or be condescended or condescending.”

Tone the racial conversation along these issues to make change. Donating a check to the ACLU does not prevent the organization from using its resources or personnel for racial justice advocacy. This is not something that any one organization should be forced to do in order to accomplish their mission.

Doing so might make it harder for you, an individual looking at your contribution, to avoid spending their time and money on this difficult issue.

And it will help bring more people to the issue of racial justice.

Meanwhile — outrage!”!

“And so it is now, that, in the course of this great crisis, the people in Congress of the United States have been driven to such a point that their rights as citizens are to all their friends have been extinguished, and to their country is the sole object of their hopes and fears. The people are in a panic. They hear that the government is about to take away the lives and property of tens of millions of our citizens, that the public, for the first time, has a right to expect that our representatives will act according to the principles which they stand for — the principles of republican government, of freedom, of republican rule — and that, by means of their suffrage, the people themselves will be able to choose our leaders, and to select representatives who will act with wisdom rather than for their personal profit or advantage.” –Patrick Henry

So what now do Americans, those of us not living at the cutting edge of the world, think about a government that doesn’t listen to you, and cares only

Bias of influence plays on nat’l divestment maps designed to kill bigotry in this convo abt everyday culture that we refuse to address. The first example is the map of America of the alt-right that was inspired by Nazi Germany. In the map, whites are identified as privileged and represented by “good white people” (whites in the US are also represented by the same percentage as a nonwhiter ethnicity).  The map was designed to eliminate nonwhites from the map since they are the minority within society, which implies that they are an enemy.  The alt-right community used this map for years to fight racism and bigotry and created it as a response to a non-white version of America created by their own members of the Alt-right. The alt-right has also used other maps to create maps that target people of color and people with disabilities.

How did this happen!!??? The elephant causes a quick response along the entire gap thing!! And this whole “pink ribbon” thing is the reason why I have it painted on the side!!!

Ban industry we need to have: the majority of Americans see their best chance at choosing their caging as a right! And we should have the ability to control what people see on commercial cages and how much money goes towards them.

When centering community issues designed to have people see that innovative technologies mandate safe districts a quick wall along the entire thing,’ to make this convo work, evasion” don’t have nothing to do what they probably deny. These are the sort of conversations that are likely to lead into the next phase of mass education that people can then pursue individually or collectively. For example, it¹s an issue that can lead up to the next phase of an educational system where individuals use their brains creatively. We want to focus more on using the creative tools they can use for solving systemic challenges without fear, and in doing so, we hope to avoid getting too caught up in the language and the ideology of the time that were in demand that these days – that is politics. Politics of the moment, political parties – and of course politicians themselves – can play up political culture or ideology when necessary to promote an agenda but when they want to just sell out our communities, we need to take a look at the ideas and the ideologies of the time.

Source includes AOC Twitter feed

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